What could be more fun than bouncing, stretching and exercising your way to better health? On Saturday, 23rd October 2021, shoppers gathered at the centre of Granada Square for a free bounce, mat and bodycamp session with Bodylicious, courtesy of Granada Square.

The session focused on a trio of exercises, with shoppers alternating between mini trampoline, mat exercises and the Bodylicious ‘bodycamp’ routine in 15-minute intervals, with guidance and encouragement along the way from the Bodylicious fitness experts.

From 9:15am, the 31 shoppers who attended got their blood pumping and their bodies moving in a safe and socially-distanced setting. At 10am, everyone cooled down with some relaxing yoga, while the kids were taken through their own bounce / bootcamp session.

If you missed this fun and active workout, look out for another free exercise session with Bodylicious and Granada Square coming soon!