Elegant Shopping & Decadent Dining


All shops are conveniently located on one level, making for an easy hassle free shopping experience.


Situated in the heart of Umhlanga and perfectly located to meet your everyday needs.


Granada Square comes alive at night with a variety of trendy eateries offering late night dining and entertainment.

CENTRE TRADING HOURS: Monday to Friday: 9am to 5pm  |  Saturday: 9am to 2pm  |  Sundays / Public Holidays: 9am to 2pm      WOOLWORTHS TRADING HOURS: Daily: 8am to 8pm


The Hottest Spot on the Umhlanga Strip

What makes a shopping centre special? We believe that layout, offering and location are important, but there’s also another vital component which makes a shopping centre stand apart from the rest – the way it caters to the unique demands and desires of its shoppers.

At Granada Square, we have tailor-made our retail offering to provide our upmarket and trendy Umhlanga residents, families and holidaymakers with a safe, clean and relevant place to shop. In addition to our chic design and craft stores, we also offer health and beauty outlets, fashion retailers, banking branches and a wide selection of delicious eateries to satisfy our shoppers’ taste buds.

We pride ourselves on the carefully selected store variety and deep rooted customer understanding which has established our shopping centre as a popular landmark on the Umhlanga strip.